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Hi, my name is Susana and I’m from Mexico.

I was diagnosed with celiac disease 4 years ago and since then I have been on a gluten free diet and the quality of my life has changed dramatically. 

It has not been an easy road, since in Mexico there is not much information about celiac disease.

Only a few doctors know about it and therefore it’s very difficult to get a diagnosis.

There is a lot of misinformation about the disease, so we have trouble to get Gluten-Free food options or suitable restaurants, that’s why I decided to open my Instagram account @Miranda.Susie20 to raise awareness of the disease and share information about it, also helping to make it stop being an invisible disease in Mexico.

And therefore I’d like to help celiacs find options in Mexico or other parts of the world.

@Miranda.Susie20 (IG)

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